Xiaomi Redmi 2 Vs Microsoft Lumia 430

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Xiaomi Redmi 2 Vs Microsoft Lumia 430: Design And Display

Both the phones: Xioami Redmi 2 and the Lumia 430 are plastic phones. However, the build quality is good enough and the handsets feel premium. As far as the display is concerned, I prefer the 4.7 inch HD display of the Redmi 2 over the small 4 inch display of the Lumia 430. Saying that, the colours on the Lumia are not that bad but Redmi 2 beats it square and fair in this department.

Winner: Xiaomi Redmi 2

Xiaomi Redmi 2 Vs Microsoft Lumia 430: Performance

On Redmi 2 we have a quad core processor while on the Lumia 430, there is a dual core processor. Now the main thing to note is that the Lumia has a slightly outdated processor in the form of Qualcomm Snapdragon 200 whereas the Redmi 2 has the latest Snapdragon 410 CPU. The difference is visible while operating both the phones. Maneuvering through apps, playing games and multitasking, all these tasks are smoother in the Redmi 2.

Winner: Xiaomi Redmi 2

Xiaomi Redmi 2 Vs Microsoft Lumia 430: Camera

Yet again, the 2 MP cam on the Lumia 430 is no match for the 8 MP camera on the Redmi 2. While the camera can produce decent colours, the detail on the image is simply not their. Moreover, it goes soft on zooming. If we talk about the Redmi 2, the camera captures good details even in low light. Same is the result with the front facing camera.

Winner: Xiaomi Redmi 2

Xiaomi Redmi 2 Vs Microsoft Lumia 430: Battery

There is not a major difference between the two in this department. Android OS is a demanding one and the 2200 mAh battery of the lasts around a day on moderate use. On the other hand, the Lumia 430 too lasts for a day despite having a smaller 1500 mAh battery.

Winner: Tie

Verdict: Xiaomi Redmi 2 Wins

The Lumia 430 costs a Rs 1500/ $22 less than the Redmi 2. However, the overall performance and quality is much better on the Redmi 2. I advice you to shell that extra money and opt for the latter.