Xolo One Android Lollipop Update Rolled Out


Xolo One is a budget Android handset which was launched in October 2014 in order to make the Android operating system accessible to the masses. The phone was launched together by Google and Xolo. Now, Xolo One Android Lollipop Update is out.

The Xolo One Android Lollipop Update promises a refreshed user interface with several new features. There are new animations and themes and the option to add more number of useful widgets.

The notification feature has been also improved. The users can now set priority and privacy for their applications and the important notifications can be made visible on the lock screen itself with no need to unlock the phone in order to read them.

With the Xolo One Android Lollipop Update, one can traverse to camera and dialing pad directly from the lock screen. This comes in handy when one is in a rush.

The battery screen will be of much use now as it will show you the amount of time left before the battery drains out completely. It will also show you the time left in the complete charging of the phone.

The quick settings have also been tweaked in the Xolo One Android Lollipop Update. A user has access to screen rotation, cast screen, hotspot and the flashlight.

The Xolo One Android Lollipop Update is available over the air and you will get notification automatically if you are using a data card or connected to internet through Wi-fi. Another way of updating is through the official website of Xolo Care.

How To Go About The Xolo One Android Lollipop Update

I recommend you to charge the phone to atleast 90 percent. Whether you update the phone over the air or download the file, the update should be downloaded through a Wi-fi connection since it is a big file.

Once the phone is updated, it ill automatically re-start and you can start using it immediately. No file or data is lost during the update. However, once should make sure that the internet connectivity is not lost while the file is getting downloaded.