Xolo Q1200 Android KitKat Update Rolled Out

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The Xolo Q1200 Android KitKat Update is finally out and is available on Xolo’s official software update page. However, the update comes with a clause that first you need to update your smartphone to the Jelly Bean operating system. Only then you could move on the Android KitKat.

As a user you will witness a lot of changes with the Xolo Q1200 Android KitKat Update. The back, home and menu buttons will be white in colour. The notification bar will house more shortcuts.

The contact list will sport a new look which will add to ease of use. The dialing pad will be presented in a refreshed look. The camera application will have more options through which you can click the desired image. Moreover, an image will take less amount of time to get clicked.

Apart from these features, you will witness performance and security improvements. The settings menu too will house more options for you to play with.

How To Perform The Xolo Q1200 Android KitKat Update

1. Download the update.zip file from Xolo’s official website
2. Charge your smartphone to atleast 50 percent and then proceed.
3. Connect your smartphone to the computer using the USB cable.
4. Now turn on the mass storage option which is shown on the smartphone screen
5. Copy the update.zip file from your computer to your smartphone. Do remember to copy the file in a folder and not a sub-folder.
6. Disconnect the cable from the computer
7. Go to the Xolo care application on your smartphone and check for system updates.
8. It will show you the update.zip file. Click continue
9. Your phone will restart and the new software will get installed