Zopper Review: Offline Shopping Online Style!

User Interface

The concept of shopping from the comfort of your home has gained a significant prominence over the last couple of years. So much so that now you don’t even need to switch on your Desktop/laptop in order to order something. Everything is there om your smartphone in the from of an app which are pretty easy to use.

Some online retailers like Flipkart have already gone app only and the others are in the process of doing so. And why not, a recent study has revealed that one in every four online sale is been done through a smartphone!

However, there is more to this online boom. A new app by the name of Zopper has come up which intends to shake up the complete online shopping business.

So what does Zopper do exactly?

Zopper is a mix of 2 aspects – online and offline. You want a mobile phone, go to Zopper and then select the one you want. The app will throw several options at you with a range of prices. The major strength of Zopper lies in its localisation feature which ensures that you get the best deal from the dealer nearest to your home. The products are shipped free of cost and pay on delivery option is available on most of the products.


Zopper is an online shopping tailor made for those who don’t trust or like online shopping! You are not buying products from an unknown online vendor but from a reliable local shop which has its presence physically.

Further, the products are shipped for free and you always have the option to visit the local dealer in case of any problem.


Smartphone inventory is quite plentiful. However, if you try to looks for other products, say a car stereo system, grooming products or a vacuum cleaner, the app shows only a single product in its current state!

Also, a lot of smartphones are available from vendors which exist more than 15 Kilometres from your home! I can purchase the same phone from shops which are at walking distance from my house. These are genuine company showrooms and other long existing shops I am talking about.


Zopper is indeed an innovative concept in the retail world. I see a lot of potential in it but it needs to evolve.

For starters, the app should offer the customer option to purchase items at hours during which the normal shops are closed. The product inventory could do with a lot of addition.

Ajay Gupta
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