Zync Cloud Z605 Review: Pocket Friendly Tablet

Zync Cloud Z605

Zync Cloud Z605 [usr=3.5]

Impressive: Super-cool Built
Decent Performance
Really Cheap Price

Depressing: Poor Display
Poor Front Facing Camera

We seldom come across a tablet which provides 3G calling functionality and at the same time does not burns a hole in the pocket. Zync Cloud Z605 is one such device and we have been testing it for quite a few days now. Does it have in it to come out with flying colours after going through our rigorous testing regime?

Zync Cloud Z605Design And Display

The Zync Cloud Z605 comes with a premium design. We liked the tablet as soon as we picked it up in our hands. The edges are curved and teh built quality is impressive. The back plate adds to the finish with a Zync logo nicely placed at the bottom. The material used is great and the design of the tablet is right on the target.

The only odd thing is the placement of the volume rocker and power on/off keys. Both these including the micro USB port and 3.5 mm jack port are present at the bottom of the Zync Cloud Z605 which sometimes makes it difficult for a user to access them.

Coming to the display now, the Zync Cloud Z605 sports a 6.5 inch normal display. The screen is not full of life and colours appear dull and washed out. Even after increasing the screen brightness to maximum, we just about managed to get okayish colours. The viewing angles ain’t good either.


A dual core MediaTek processor and 512 MB of RAM power up the Zync Cloud Z605. Mali 400 is present as a graphic processor. We agree that these are a bit of constraints in today’s times but then we cannot expect much from a really cheap tablet. The primary concern should be the ease of use in performing routine tasks and the Zync Cloud Z605 excels in this department.

We has no issues while playing light to moderate games like Subway Surfer and Temple Run 2. Opening multiple tabs on the Chrome Browser did not slow down the tablet. Switching and jumping amongst various applications was a smooth experience. Overall, the Zync Cloud Z605 gave a decent performance while operating on the Android Jelly Bean 2.2 operating system.

Zync Cloud Z605Camera

Zync has provided the users with a 2 MP rear camera and a 0.3 MP front facing camera. There is no flash support. The rear camera gave okayish images with optimal lights but since it is a 2 MP shooter, we will give it a thumbs up. However, we were highly disappointed by the poor quality front facing camera. Light or no light, the image was always dark and of poor quality. The results were a bit better with an application which was different from the stock camera app.

Battery Life

The Zync Cloud Z605 packs in a 2500 mAh battery under the hood. The good part is that it is a Lithium Polymer battery so expect it to have a long lasting life. As far as the battery backup is concerned, read on our standard one hour test results.

One hour music playback – battery down by 8 percent
One hour HD video playback – battery down by 16 percent
One hour gaming – battery down by 14 percent
One hour internet surfing – battery down by 11 percent

This is a fine drop and the tablet will require a charge on daily basis. Considering the fact that a user will also be making calls and using the tablet as a phone, the above figures are quite okay.

Zync Cloud Z605Multimedia

All the standard multimedia features are present in the Zync Cloud Z605 tablet. The MX Player is provided by default, so you need not download it separately for playing high definition video clips.

Internet And Connectivity

The tablet managed to delight us in this department. We connected to internet via Wi-Fi and then with a 3G SIM card. In both the cases the Zync Cloud Z605 held on to the signals well and gave fast internet surfing speed. We worked in Google Chrome and even after opening multiple tabs, say 3, the tablet did not slow down that much where it becomes virtually impossible to operate. A fine internet experience we had.

Verdict           [usr=3.5]

What We Liked

The pricing of-course. The Zync Cloud Z605 is dirt cheap but gives the look of a premium device. The back-plate looks as if it is glass and the overall design is pretty aesthetic. The tablet is stable in terms of the software and supports SIM card functionality. The performance too is decent.

What We Disliked

The display is the area which disappointed us. This is the place where Zync has done most of the cost cutting and it shows. The colours look washed out and the viewing angles are just about acceptable with the display going dark when we tilted it to the left.

To Sum Up

The Zync Cloud Z605 is currently selling for Rs 6000- Rs 6500. At this kind of price, it is a super-cool deal. You are getting everything you want from a budget device and that too with a big screen. If you can adjust with a not so good display, then the Zync Cloud Z605 will keep you happy.

  • bev

    what is really wrong with this phone? can’t use it in another country, it doesn’t recognise my any sim card

  • bev

    pleaaaaase help no network show up on this phone. ……… whats wrong?????????