Zync Quad 9.7 Review

Zync Quad 9.7

Zync Quad 9.7[usr=3]

Impressive: Solid Battery Life
Beautiful Display

Depressing: Sluggish Interface
Poor Camera

Zync is best known for its budget tablets which have a good built. One such tablet is Zync Quad 9.7. We are using it since one month now and below is our Zync Quad 9.7 review. 

Design And Display

The Zync Quad 9.7 comes with a 9.7 inch HD display. The touchscreen is pretty smooth with good viewing angles. The colours do not wash out and the tablet adjusts to the brightness according to the natural light. As far as the build quality is concerned, the tablet is 80 percent metallic. The speaker grill is located at the back-side. On the top end of the device, you have power on/off button, volume rocker key, micro SD card, HDMI and USB ports. Overall, we were quite satisfied by the display and the build quality of Zync Quad 9.7.


The tablet is powered up by a 1.5 Ghz quad core CPU and 2 GB of RAM. You would feel that such a hardware would make this tablet quite powerful but sadly, this isn’t the case. The Zync Quad 9.7 is fine for routine tasks like surfing internet with 2-3 tabs open, playing average games, and composing notes. If you stretch it beyond that, the sluggishness of the tablet starts to show. It runs on Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean operating system and there are no words by the company about any update.

CameraZync Quad 9.7

The Zync Quad 9.7 tablet got a 5 MP rear camera and a front facing 2 MP camera. Both of these cameras are sans flash. The lens is also not of superior quality. So, the end result is similar to the Zync Quad 10.1 tablet which we reviewed earlier. The camera is able to take some neat close up shots but when it comes to scenery or even normal pictures, they appear to be a bit hazy.

BatteryZync Quad 9.7

Zync has packed in a 8000 mAh battery in its 9.7 inch tablet. Like always, we ran our half hour tests on the device. Half hour of music playback ate up 3-4 percent of battery. Half hour of internet surfing and downloads also reduced the battery by a similar margin. Half hour of watching videos drained the battery by 7 percent. Going by these figures, the Zync Quad 9.7 would easily give you 1.5 days of solid use.


There is nothing exceptional about this tablet on entertainment front. Saying that, there is nothing missing too. The volume given out by the loud speaker is optimum. The image gallery is the standard Android gallery. A 4k video player has been provided by Zync which enables the user to carry on with the other tasks while watching a video.

Internet And Connectivity

The Zync Quad 9.7 does not suffer the wifi signal drop which the Quad 10.1 suffered from. This leads to a sound internet experience. Opening multiple tabs would not slow down the tablet. Zooming in and out is easy and the beautiful display makes the text and images look pleasing to the eyes.

Verdict                 [usr=3]

What We Liked

Zync Quad 9.7 has a solid build, beautiful display and a sound battery life. The aluminium finish makes it look like a premium tablet. Look at the display from any angle and it is all the same. We did not experience any darkness or colour washout issue.

What We Disliked

Despite of having a quad core processor, the tablet is not really powerful. The user interface slows down when you run multiple applications simultaneously. The camera leaves much to be desired.

To Sum Up

According to us the price at which Zync is selling its Quad 9.7 tablet is a bit too much. We agree that the company has invested in the design and the big display but then what about the performance and the ease of use. The tablet would work fine for you if you are looking for a robust big inch device. If gaming and camera are your primary concerns then stay away from Zync Quad 9.7.

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