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asus zenbook ux533f
Battery Life

Design and Display
Asus has left no excuse in terms of display for its Zenbook UX533F. The unit I reviewed had a massive 15.6 inch display. It is a Full HD display. I am yet to speak about the best part. It is like the smartphones these days. The bezel or the side edges on this laptop are minimalist. If you take out a scale and measure the edges, you will see that they are no more than 3-5 mm in width. This makes for a splendid end to end display. The end result is that the experience to watch movies and anything on the screen is awesome.

asus zenbook ux533f top view
As far as the design is concerned, the Zenbook UX533F is a beauty. The laptop is complete metallic on the sides and rest everywhere it is mixed aluminium. Asus claims that it is extremely rough and tough but I did not do a drop test, so we go by the company’s words here. The laptop weighs 1.67 Kg and is not too lightweight or heavy.

asus zenbook ux533f side view
The keypad is slightly smaller in terms of the width of the keys and it might take you a while to get used to it. The good part is that the keypad has a dedicated number keys on the right and it is always helpful and quicker to use them while typing numbers.

asus zenbook ux533f ports
The Zenbook UX533F comes with Harman Kardon speakers which are not too loud but have decent bass and you will like them. There is a 720p front facing camera. Also, the laptop doesn’t have a fingerprint scanner but a face unlock via the built in IR sensor.

Intel i7 Core 8th generation processor, 1 TB of SSD storage and 16 GB of memory, we can go on talking about the specifications all day long. What matters is the real world performance and the Zenbook UX533F is a powerhouse from Asus. I used it for my office work, watching IPL matches and all the regular tasks you would do in a normal day. asus zenbook ux533f back viewMind you, I am not an avid gamer on the laptops and did not use it for that purpose. Nor it is built for gaming. Saying that, the laptop comes with NVIDIA GeForce GTX card for a good gaming experience. Coming back to the regular tasks, the  Asus Zenbook UX533F handles everything smoothly.

Battery Life
I used the laptop as my primary laptop for a month. Once completely charged, the battery easily lasts between 10-11 hours on moderate usage. This includes your routine work and again i am not including gaming here.

If you have the pocket, go for the 15.6 inch model which I reviewed. The big screen is simply amazing and personally, I am a fan of the big screens. Otherwise, the other 13 and 14 inch displays will be good as well. The Asus Zenbook UX533F is a good notebook in terms of display and battery.

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