How To Get 3D Touch On All iPhones

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As you may have heard with the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, Apple introduced a force sensitive layer known as 3D touch which can percieve levels of pressure and perform different functions. Luckily, thanks to the tireless Jailbreaking community we now have this technology for all Jail-broken iPhones running iOS 9.

However considering the older iPhones don’t actually have the hardware for 3D Touch therefore these are software tweaks. Long pressing on 3D touch supported apps will pop up menus which are basically shortcuts to the apps. If you want to know more about Jailbreak or Jaibreaking your device visit my page. These tweaks have different functions so for the closest experience download all of them.

Add Tweak Required For 3D Touch

Step 1: Open Cydia and go to sources

Step 2: Press “Edit” and “Add” and type the URL below every listed tweak

Step 3: Go to search and install the tweak

Tweak Number 1: Forcy and Shortcuts

This tweak will enable 3D touch menus on your home screen! Apps supported are: Phone, Mail, Messages, Calendar, Contacts, Find My iPhone, Game Centre, Find Friends, iBooks Camera, Notes, Clock, Stocks, Weather, iTunes, App Store, Settings, News, Music.

3rd Party Apps: Whatsapp, Facebook, DropBox, Evernote, WeCHat Instagram, Cydia, Shazam and many more being added every day so keep updating your apps for 3D Touch menus

Repo for Forcy: Already in BigBoss Repo(Pre-loaded)


Tweak  Number 2: Universal Force

This tweak lets you simulate the new Peek-and-Pop features. These are available in Photos, Music and Mail. To use this long press on the item to see a preview of it and put your whole finger on the screen to see the full item. It diffrentiates a peek and a full open by how much of your finger you put on the screen.


Tweak Number 3: Live Photos Enabler

Another new feature of the new iPhones is Live Photos which records one second of audio and video before and after an image. This is cool tweak but may cause overheating or crashing of your Camera app, if that happen uninstall it and if it works for you enjoy!


So guys here are all the 6s features so enjoy them!

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