Huawei Honor 9N: Beauty on a Budget

Huawei released its newest Honor device, the 9N, yesterday at a glamorous ceremony in New Delhi, India. From the beginning, Huawei emphasized on the design and the looks of the device and even made the device’s tagline “Beauty All Around”. By all accords the 9N is a beautiful device, featuring glass on the front and back the device is slightly reminiscent of the Xperia line of devices and with a metal band holding the device together it definitely feels like a flagship device. The glass of the back has a reflective coating and looks stunning in bright light and makes the color of the device shine (quite literally). But, as is with all glass devices, durability is yet to be seen.

On the front, the phone features a 5.84” IPS LCD panel with a 1080-by-2280 resolution. This set up provides for a respectable 432 pixels per inch with a vibrant color scheme and no visible problems. The notorious notch (a small black area which houses the speaker and sensors) returns on the top of the screen which may annoy some users, but Huawei emphasized the capability to “switch off” the notch by creating an equal area of black screen next to the notch.

Honor 9n backUnder the hood, the phone features Huawei’s in-house HiSilicon processor. The octa core processor (4 A-53 cores at 2.36Ghz + 4 A-53 cores at 1.7Ghz), provides for a smooth operating experience in most scenarios but heavy multitasking may cause predictable lag but for day-to-day use the device should breeze through. RAM and storage are dependent of the device model, the lowest end variant comes with 32GB storage and 3GB of RAM and the next variants come with 64/128GB and 4GB of RAM. The device also allows for micro-SD storage up to 256GB and occupies the second SIM slot.

The Honor 9N features the trending dual camera set up on the back of the device with a 13MP main sensor and 2P depth sensor. In the limited testing time provided we took a few pictures in bright light and the results were quite satisfactory with bright colors and sharp detail. On the front there is a single 16MP camera which gave surprisingly bright shots during testing. At first glance the cameras seem to be very good but low light and moving shots are yet to be measured.

Huawei has included both a fingerprint scanner as well as a Face Unlock feature on the device (unlike you Apple). The scanner works great and registration is a breeze and its placement is at a natural resting point making unlocking near instantaneous. I was skeptical about the Face Unlock but the device surprised me. Registration look less than a minute and the device recognized me every time after, which was quite amazing. Aside from privacy concerns the security on these devices is quite satisfying.

What may be the most attractive feature of this device is it’s price. The price starts from just Rs. 11,999 for the 3+32GB variant, Rs. 13,999 for the 4+64GB and Rs. 17,999 for the 4+128GB variant. If you’re looking for a good looking, money saving and smooth device, the 9N should be your pick!

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