iOS 9 Jailbreak For Customizing Your Apple Device

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Here we are again another iOS update another jailbreak team cracking it to make your iDevice more customizable. If you do not know what jailbreaking is to put it simply it expands the customizability of your iDevice lets you do incredibly new stuff with your iDevice more useful than ever. However with all power comes responsibility which you will lose here if you proceed with the iOS 9 jailbreak. The iDevice’s warranty stands void in such a scenario.

There is also a (very small) probability of your iDevice getting bricked it could be soft brock which means it may be software based and repairable or it could be a hard brick which basically makes your iDevice an incredibly expensive paperweight.

So if you’ve decided to bite the bullet and join me for this expedition and follow the instructions below. If you know what’s good for you (and your iDevice) follow the instructions down to the T. Sadly the PanGu app is only on windows. This iOS 9 jailbreak is for iPhone 4S and above, iPad 2 and above, iPad Mini and above, iPod Touch 5 and 6

Step 1: Take a full backup of your iPhone to iCloud or your computer incase this goes south.

Step 2: Check your devices iOS version, it must be iOS 9, 9.01 or 9.0.2 if it is not these this jailbreak is useless and will only harm your device. If you have upgraded to iOS 9.1 I will make a tutorial to downgrade shortly.

Step 3: Ensure your device has at least 70% battery to make sure your iPhone doesn’t turn off during this.

Step 4: Download the PanGu Windows app from here

Step 5: On your device turn on Airplane mode.

Step 6: Disable Find My iPhone

Step 7: You can also disable your password which isn’t necessary but I recommend you do ( in the past I’ve hit a few bugs with my passwords locked device)

Step 8: Plug your device in and close iTunes if it pops up. Open the PanGu app you downloaded

Step 9: Press Start and choose “Already Backup” at the prompt screen. Now Sit Back and relax (try not to use your device)

Step 10: When the process starts you will see two new apps PanGu  and WWDC do not delete/mess with these

Step 11: At the 65% mark you will have to unlock your iPhone and turn on Airplane mode. This is time sensitive so be sure to check your laptop.

Step 12: You will also be prompted to open the PanGu app on your device, so just follow.

Step 13: After the Jailbreak is done you should see an app called “Cydia” which means your jailbreak was successful.

Voila! Now you can explore Cydia and download tweaks and themes for your device. Be very careful to only download tweaks for your device and for iOS 9, if you download an unsupported tweak it can cause problems.

This is Pranjal signing off but do catch me soon with more tweaks coming soon.

Pranjal is a Technology lover, Photography enthusiast, Java programmer, Rock and House music fan


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