iOS 9 Tips And Tricks

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Slide Over And Split View
One of the anticipated feature of iOS 9, Slide Over allows to “slide” open an app on top of your current app. To activate it you simply drag from the right edge of your device and choose your app from the list of the apps, to switch apps drag from the top of the slide over app’s screen.

Split View is an extension of Slide Over but actually use 2 apps simultaneously to activate this activate slide over and then if the app supports Split View you will see a divider which when moved to the center activates Split View, you may then readjust app boundaries to use your apps.

Split View and Slide Over functionality is limited only a handful of apps support it, but overtime developers should adopt this handy feature.

Apps supporting Split View/Slide Over: Reminders, Podcasts, Photos, Notes, Messages, Maps, Mail, iBooks, Games Centre, Find iPhone, Find Friends, Feedback(on iOS Beta), Facetime, Contacts, Clock, Calendar, Tips, Videos, Microsoft Apps for iOS and Skype with more 3rd Party Apps.

Note: Split View only works on the iPad Air 2, iPad Mini 4 and the iPad Pro.

Slide Over: Works only on 64-bit devices so all iPad’s except the iPad Mini, iPad 2, 3 and 4

Low Power Mode

Arguably a feature ripped from Android, is extremely handy as the name suggests helps you get some extra juice from your dying iPhone battery. The option for Low Power is always available in the Settings but 20% Battery iOS informs of your battery and gives you the option to activate LP Mode. LP stops your background data so your mails won’t drop but you can get an hour or so of extra juice from your phone. This is indeed a good feature in the iOS 9.


A neat trick which allows you to minimize videos or FaceTime calls to small windows on the screen. This works the same way as you minimize YouTube videos in the app but this allows you to do all normal iPad functions with the window which can be moved to the 4 corners of the screen.


iOS 9 allows you to set 6 digit passcodes which makes it harder for hackers and nosy friends to get into precious iPhone. Also introduced is 2-Factor Authentication which includes entering your password and a 6 digit pin which is displayed on your other authorized Apple devices, if you have no other authorized devices you can also receive the pin via text message or call.

Keyboard Tricks

Apple ramped up the Keyboard in iOS 9 which now comes with shortcut which includes Cut, Copy and Paste which are universal. Notes adds a capital-lower case, to-do and draw key. Specific apps also give keys to add a picture/videos, bold/italic key and a paperclip to attach documents.

Notes And Maps

Apple has revamped these apps in the iOS 9 and one can do more than ever before. Maps now has public transit options to plan a journey using the city’s public transit however this is unavailable in India currently. Now in Notes you can create a to-do lists within the app and also draw sketches as well as add pictures, basically notes is now like a physical diary.

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