iPhone SE: The iPhone 5s On Steriods

iphone se

Apple has unveiled the iPhone SE, somewhat of a successor to the 5s design. Outwardly the SE and 5s are like twin brothers, but when you look close you’ll see the SE badge behind the newer phone and also the devices curved edges are now matte edged to prevent scuffs and scratches. The SE features a 4-inch 1136×640 with a pixel density of 326 ppi which is exactly the same as the 2013 5s, to be quite honest in a world where Full-HD has become a minimum qualification for mid-rangers the numbers are dissapointing, but Apple has proved, on various counts, that numbers don’t everything.

Under the hood you’ll find the superfast Apple A9 consisting of a two-Twister cores clocked at 1.85 Ghz each and stand unbeaten in single core tests, however the iPhone SE packs only 1 GB of RAM which doesn’t seem like much but has proved to be enough for the iPhone 6 and the 5s. The TouchID sensor is updated with support for Apple Pay. TouchID is probably the best and fastest figerprint scanner on the market and never fails(unless well your fingers are wet).

The SE is a great phone but what about the price? The device launched for 399$ (approx.26530) for the 16 GB variant, at launch this gave the Indian customers hope for a possible 32,000 rupee iPhone but sadly Apple has price the device at a whopping 39,990 and the 64 GB is priced at $499 (Approx. Rs 33185) but the Indian price has not been announced but it is safe to say is should be around 45,000.

Last time Apple launched a “low-cost” iPhone it was the 5c which was considered to be a step-down from the more expensive 5s and the iPhone SE will probably be considered a step down from the 6/6s which is available at the same price-point. Apple is probably aiming at the youth who is willing to buy into the Apple-ecosystem at a lower price or people who really want a 4-inch device.

The answer to that, will be revealed at Apple’s financial results of the next quarter.

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