Micromax Bolt Supreme Range: “Cutting Costs”

Bolt Supreme Grey

What do you get for 2,999? A meal at an expensive restaurant? A new piece of clothing from a high-end retailer? A new phone! Micromax, one of India’s biggest mobile maker, has released the Bolt Supreme and Supreme 2, priced at 2,749 and 2,999 respectively. As the price point suggests the phone is aimed at budget conscious  and first time smartphone users.

Lets start with the smaller variant, the Bolt Supreme. It features a 3.5″ display, small but perfectly usable (this is the same size as the iPhone 4). On the processor front there is a 1.2 Ghz QUAD CORE Chip (a fact very proudly pointed out in the press release) backed by 512 MB of RAM.

The processor may sound a bit underwhelming but again Rs. 2749. The phone comes with a respectable 4GB of internal storage which is expandable to 32GB via micro-SD. The Bolt Supreme packs a modest 1200 mAh battery, which should be enough considering the small screen and processor. The rear-camera is 2MP Auto-focus type with flash and there is a VGA camera on the front. Finally the phone features 3G connectivity and comes with Android L. The device will be available in 2 color combinations- Champagne&White and Black&Grey.

Bolt Supreme 2Now we come to the bigger variant- the Bolt Supreme 2. The device carries the same processor, camera and storage but differs mainly in two departments- battery and screen size. The phone carries a 3.9″ display and a lager 1400 mAh battery to support.

Like its younger brother the device comes with Android 5.1 and promises optimized battery usage, improved application performance and much more. The device costs marginally more at 2,999 to represent the marginal difference. Nevertheless, if you can, go for the Bolt Supreme 2 because the larger screen size allows you to do much more and is more comfortable for your eyes(Its almost the same as the iPhone 5). Also there’s a free flipcover!

These devices clearly show how far mobile innovation has come. You can now buy quad-core smartphones for less than Rs.3000! Something un-imaginable five years ago. The main market is the 70 million people who still use feature phones and are looking for an upgrade. Considering the price point this device is bound to attract many youths and first time.  smartphone users which will help connecting more people.

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