Moto X Style Gets Android Marshmallow Update

moto x play

Motorola Mobility last week announced the roll out of the latest Android 6.0 Marshmallow on Moto X Style in India. This move is a part of its current software strategy to provide fast software updates to add to their pure Android experience.

Android 6.0 Marshmallow includes a variety of new great features. For instance, under the ‘Sound and notification’ settings there’ll be an option for ‘Do not disturb’. It is to make sure that the user is not interrupted during meetings or when they are sleeping. Doesn’t this seem similar to Moto Assist? Yes, it is, so the new update will remove Moto Assist as part of the upgrade to Marshmallow.

Since the changes bring out most of what Motorola Migrate provides, the Marshmallow update to Moto X Style will do away with Motorola Migrate and will no longer preload it. The Google Chrome extension found in Motorola Connect will also be done away with, as the company believes that since they created Motorola Connect, numerous similar services have shown up on Google Play.

These products were of a great value in their time but the consumers have moved on and now they demand and use better alternatives, so they no longer feel like having the apps that unnecessary consume space on their device.

Surya Sharma
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