OnePlus 2 Getting A New OxgyenOS update

oneplus one

China based mobile phone manufacturer had developed its own OS, OxygenOS based on Android 5.1 Lollipop. The company had brought this OS to its OnePlus 2 model. A new ROM launch by a company usually becomes a complicated issue because it brings a lot of issues to the user.

To rectify these bugs, OnePlus has brought out an update for this ROM, updating the current OxygenOS ROM to version 2.2.2. This new version is going to bring in a host of changes along with it, one of them being the new dual SIM patch which will remember your preference for SIM Slot 1 or 2.

It will also bring in exFAT and NTFS file compatibility to the phone. There will also be certain Google Camera fixes done. A few new themes, based on the holiday season too have been added with this update.

Such updates are always helpful to the users and are welcomed with open arms by them. The update also creates a positive picture of the company as the update clearly suggests that the company is listening to all sorts of user complaints and is also responding to them timely and accordingly. This indeed makes the image of the company as customer friendly.

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