Oppo Claims Top Position In Battery Charging Technology

mobile customer survey

As per a recent survey done by CyberMedia Research (CMR), OPPO has claimed the No. 1 position when it comes to Battery Charging Technology. OPPO scored the highest amongst all brands in charging time satisfaction (94%) as well as battery back- up (95%).

Post lockdown, dependency on smartphones for personal consumption and work is at an all-time high, touching 4+ hours every day. People are now spending more time on digital devices than ever. According to the report by Cybermedia Research, battery life is the second most (61%) important factor after camera (65%) for consumers while buying a smartphone.

What Do Consumers Want?

While three in every four smartphone users feel that battery back-up is important, seven in every eight smartphone users feel that fast charging is equally important. 80% of the users between the age of 26-30 years charge their phones at least once in a day and spend an average of 66 minutes on the same. Therefore, to avoid a situation where their battery runs out two in every three users carry a power bank.

Interestingly, there are rumours that Oppo is all set to announce a 125W flash charging solution soon. We are talking about 10 minutes battery charging here!

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