Ricoh Launches New Range Of Projectors

ricoh projector

Ricoh India Ltd. launched a new range of projectors today. The projectors have high functionality and are very compact, lightweight and boast of an advanced technology. The three new projectors launched are – Ricoh PJ S2440, PJ X2440 and PJ WX2440.

The new projectors provide portability without compromising on the functionality. They can provide projection between screen size 30 inches to 300 inches wide diagonally.

The PJ S2440 has a brightness of 3,000 lumens and contrast ratio of 10000:1. It can be used for PowerPoint presentations, still images or desktop projections as well, on the big screens. It projects the image at an aspect ratio of 4:3 with SVGA resolution at up to 800 X 600 dpi and it weighs only 2.6 kg.

The PJ X2440 can project with XGA resolution at 1024 X 768 dpi, while the P WX2440 can project at WXGA resolution at 1280 X 800 dpi. They also have the brightness of 3,000-3,100 lumens and have an aspect ratio of 16:10. It can also feature the 3D projection tools for better viewing. It uses Digital Light Processing technology to provide better projections in terms of less noise and clearer projections.

They are available at INR 32,450, INR 37,760 and INR 45,910 respectively across India.

Ricoh also manufactures printers, interactive whiteboards and production printers. The Interactive White Boards, not only provide the interaction interface but also real-time interaction to interact together from distant places. They also provide PaaS, that is Printer as a service. This provides better live tracking of any problems to the printers and swift recovery or repair.