Slim Phone Or Big Battery, What’s Your Pick?

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What is that one thing you religiously do before stepping out of your abode? Check for keys? Switch off lights and fans? Check gas burners? Failing to do one of these would result in small measure of (or, occasional) headache, but failing to carry your charger or power bank would surely result in great measure of pain.

It will pain your folks when they fail to get in touch with you, pain you when you realize your lonesomeness without your phone and tyrant bosses would have a good reason to fire you on any given day if such an instance strikes you every now and then.

At the end of this harrowing experience, you can play the blame game with only two being-one being you (for being forgetful), the other is your phone battery for being so stupid to alienate you at the most inconvenient time.

You would crib about your phone with a group of like-minded (and, experienced) people. To run salt on your raw wounds, you occasionally might come across boastful souls who brag about their phone’s battery life. While, you are hunting for ‘the culprit’ let me introduce you to the main player of the game who is responsible for your state of distress.

Meet yourself and others around, who crave for slim phones year after year. To meet you rising demands, companies set their minds on anorexic phones. Your phone undergoes an intense weight shedding routine before gracing the palm of your hands. Results- a slim phone compromising the battery life. So, should I be demanding large, bulky and ugly looking phones? Just so you know, your phone is already large, for the rest Samsung has come up with a solution named ePoP (embedded package on package).

A new technology? What has it in store for me? In the fight for space, your phone’s memory ends up occupying the space which can rather be utilized by some other entity. ePoP would pack all the memory components into one space which then can be topped right on top of your mobile processor.

How would it be useful for me? It would save a whopping 40 percent of your phone’s space. What would I do with that space? Get an even thinner phone. NO! The spare space would make room for your big battery. And before you utter a word of protest, a big battery would endure a long battery life.

But, I cannot stop eyeing a slim phone. Not over a year ago, in and around a 300 mAh batteries were doing rounds in the mobile circle which resulted in humongous phones.

One major benefit of ePoP would be an average sized phone with a phenomenal battery life. Now, here’s the part for the ‘I want thin phones’ type- Tech gurus have prophesized of an age where batteries themselves would undergo a drastic change. In the years to come, lithium-ion batteries would be a history. Graphenes and lithium anodes would be the Holy Grail in the kingdom of mobile batteries. While, Graphene batteries would give batteries the power to bend over their backs (it is as flexible as a rubber) with a fully charged battery in just over a second, pure lithium anodes has benefits of similar nature but is being researched upon at this point.

Kostya Novoselov, the brains behind Graphenes visulizes these batteries to be transparent, flexible and of course, efficient. Zillions is being invested for researching this break-through technology. Then, there is the Kevlar-armored lithium cells which is worked upon by the University of Michigan. This battery would serve the purpose of renouncing battery fires in Boeing 787 planes.

If translated into mobiles, this is capable in rendering impeccable services to us, as well. All these fervently worked upon batteries would affect us in one way- thinner, flexible and long-living batteries which would translate into happy us, that is, customers!



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