Whatsapp Video Calling – What You Need To Know


Turns out, Whatsapp’s new update has more than bad new emoticons and GIFs. It has Video Calling! And while that may not be exciting to some, many Indians love it because most phones which do not meet memory requirements for Skype or Messenger or other video calling apps do support Whatsapp flawlessly. And anyway people will install Whatsapp whatsoever, so an added video calling feature is a big plus.

The major loss to Skype by this update may be because Whatsapp has no ads, while the Skype app does show ads. Users who prefer no ads may shift to Whatsapp calling.

As Whatsapp is owned by Facebook, people who switch from Messenger to Whatsapp will cause no damage to Facebook.

Gadgets 360 noted that while video calling remains dawdling and full of glitches on Indian networks, Facetime – Apple’s video calling app consumes the least data of all.

Now the main question: Is the call quality as good?

Answer: No.

The call is lagging (however good your WiFi is), the voice quality is poor in case you’re talking without earphones, and there is a major echo problem.

In comparison to Facetime, Whatsapp’s Video calling does not stand anywhere. Even messenger is much MUCH better in terms of call quality.

Verdict: Remove it.

Whatsapp already offers a lot for free. Everyone in the world is already using it. Why does Facebook want to destroy the brand by forcefully choking the app with everything? Wise men have said that the value of something is in its uniqueness.


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